Planning Meeting RoomWhy should you pre-plan your final arrangements?

  • To take the burden off of your loved ones
  • To freeze the cost at today's prices
  • To make small, monthly payments
  • To take advantage of before-need discounts
  • To make decisions together, rather than alone
  • For peace of mind

For those wishing to pre-arrange their final wishes, we can design special packages to assist you. These packages are simple, dignified and affordable. By pre-planning, you'll spare your loved ones the overwhelming burden and expense that often comes with making funeral arrangements, while also ensuring that your arrangements are compatible with your wishes.

Imagine having everything taken care of and the only thing that has to be done is simply make one telephone call to us. It is one of the most loving acts of kindness you can do for your family. In just one comfortable visit with a funeral arranger, you can take care of burial or cremation arrangements.  

Whichever option you choose, your family will find years of peace-of-mind through pre-planning. When pre-planning, you freeze the costs at today's prices against inflation and simply make small, monthly installments on our convenient payment plan.;

“When my wife died suddenly after Hurricane Katrina, it was a blessing to have a truly local-owned and operated mortuary to go to. They treated us like we were made of fine china, with care and compassion.”

- M. Suarez, New Orleans, LA